Imagine a scenario where you completely wipe-out your files and there’s nowhere you can locate the file on your desktop. Well, you can rest assured if you’re using Deskera Books as all the files you have imported to Deskera Books will be kept securely on clouds. With Deskera Books, you can retrieve all the files you have previously imported to our system easily.

First of all, once you have logged in to Deskera Books, go to the Setting tab. Under the Setting tab, select the Import Log button.

The imported file log page.

There are few things you can find out just by viewing this page such as the Module the file is imported to, the file name, the person who imported the file and the date the file is imported.

Besides that, users can choose to download the original file from various Modules (document icon in blue), the imported files downloaded to Deskera Books (document icon in green) and the rejected file (the document icon in red) on Deskera Books.

You can find the original files in the Product Module, Contact Module and Accounting Module for Charts of Accounts and Opening Balances. Once you have updated the fields in the original file and saved them, import the files to Deskera Books. All the updates of imported files will be reflected here.